The King Island Digital Stories (KIDS) project was implemented on King Island, an isolated island in the middle of Bass Strait, and focused on the children who live there. The children benefit from living in a unique and pristine setting but are often disadvantaged by their isolation and lack of connection with the wider world. The purpose of this project was to harness digital technologies to enable children to represent their ideas and perspectives about their sense of place. Through this process the children learnt how to use technologies for creative purposes and developed their literacy skills by preparing content for a wider, online audience as they articulated stories about their lives and where they live through the medium of digital storytelling.

The project was executed over a term with 22 children in a Year 4/5 class. An ethnographic approach was used where two researchers worked collaboratively with teachers to scaffold individual children to represent their story ideas. The children were told that their stories needed to be about King Island and in their voice (first person) but otherwise, the stories could be about anything they liked.

As the resources began to emerge, it was evident that the children were engaging effectively with the process of digital storytelling. The children not only learnt the technological skills for media production but they also learnt about harnessing technology for creative and communication purposes. It is anticipated that this experience will facilitate their engagement with literacies and help them to use technologies more effectively for learning in the future.

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