The King Island Digital Stories (KIDS) Project

In Term  4, 2016, the Year 4/5 class at King Island District High School participated in the King Island Digital Storytelling (KIDS) project. The project was led by Dr Jennifer Masters from the University of Tasmania and was funded through a Tasmanian Community Fund small grant.

The children worked hard all term to produce some great stories. The topics varied considerably and included sport, recreation, industry, nature, history and family events. Together, as a collection, these stories provide a wonderful overview of King Island and island life.  A selection of the stories are available below.

The purpose of this project was to develop the children’s literacy in non-traditional ways, in particular through the use of digital media. The children learnt how to use a range of digital tools for creative purposes and they demonstrated that they could communicate ideas effectively through digital storytelling.

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Grade 4/5, 2016

Produced with iMovie on macOS

Grade 4/5, 2017

Produced with iMovie on iOS